Gentle Pocket Pet Services

At Penn Animal Hospital, we know you're a devoted pet parent who cares dearly about your pocket-sized furry family members. Our veterinarians and trusted staff are committed to providing quality examinations and procedures that work hard to ensure your tiny loved ones remain healthy and active for the long term. We are a skilled and compassionate team delivering a gentle touch and have years of experience assisting animals of differing sizes, species, breeds, and temperaments.

We proudly serve the pocket pets of our beloved West Grove community by offering gentle and reliable services specifically suited for their small bodies and fragile immune systems. Our seasoned team leverages modern veterinary technology to provide compassionate vet care devoted to helping every animal who walks through our doors. We aim to preserve and improve the health and well-being of your pocket pets so they can continue being beloved members of your family for years to come. Contact us and schedule an appointment today!


What Is a Pocket Pet?

As the name implies, a pocket pet refers to a small animal friend who could typically fit inside your pocket, such as rabbits, rats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and many more. Pocket pets oftentimes live very different lifestyles than their larger counterparts and require a different approach to health care.

Our practice is devoted to providing quality examinations, procedures, and general health services specifically designed to assist your tiny loved ones with the extreme care and respect they deserve.

Why Does My Pocket Pet Require Vet Care?

Many types of diseases, infections, and afflictions commonly threatening the health and well-being of your small pets are easily preventable with the right measures. It's important to bring your small pets into our practice for regular checkups because pocket-sized pets have a weaker immune system than larger animals, making them more susceptible to infection and disease. Our skilled and knowledgeable veterinarians will tailor our exams and treatments to their unique situations and attributes.

Our Compassionate Pocket Pet Services

Smaller animals often don't receive the same level of professional care they deserve, yet they still have health care needs just like any other pets. Our seasoned veterinarians have years of experience handling a variety of animals across different species, breeds, lifestyles, sizes, and ages. We have the knowledge and gentle touch you can expect when handling small animals that have fragile bodies and are often prone to sudden panic.

Our practice features two different exam rooms, one specifically designed for larger pets and another for smaller animals. This helps your sweet and innocent pocket pets remain relaxed without the alarming sight of a larger animal, loud noises, or foreign smells that could cause them stress.

We will utilize our in-house technology to ensure efficient, safe, and focused care for all animals. Our goal is to build an extensive medical history for your pocket pet to further sharpen our diagnostics and treatment options, starting now and extending for years into the future.

Pocket Pet Veterinarians FAQ

We are caring pet parents, just like you, and we know you can sense when something is wrong with your pocket-sized pets. Our friendly team is ready to address your questions and concerns upon your arrival at our office. Some frequently asked questions regarding pocket pet veterinarians include:

Does my pocket pet need regular exams?

Yes. Similar to large animals, pocket-sized pets should receive an exam or checkup at least once per year to ensure they're free from injury, disease, or infection.

Yearly bloodwork can help our team determine red blood cell count, measure organ function, electrolyte status, and much more.

Pocket pets are prone to a variety of developing health conditions. For example, rabbits are commonly affected by respiratory tract infections, and guinea pigs commonly have vitamin C deficiencies.

Dependable Pocket Pet Services in Los Angeles

At Penn Animal Hospital, we aim to leverage our capable technology and years of experience to help ensure your pocket pets experience a long, healthy life by your side. We are dedicated to catching and preventing health complications by offering quality treatment options designed for your small animal's fragile body and sensitive immune system. Our passionate animal hospital looks forward to welcoming you and your tiny furry family members into our warm, relaxed office so we can begin treating them like family.

We are proud to offer thorough pet examinations and effective wellness treatments to your pocket pets in West Grove who require our assistance. Our skilled and caring team will work hard to keep them safe and stress-free during all services guided by our gentle hands and compassionate hearts. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!


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