Cash Allen

Feb 25 • 1 minute read

Cash—what can we say about you. You were an awesome German Shepherd Dog that everyone thought was part wolf, even though you weren’t. But when you heard sirens, you would howl so deep and loud you sounded like a wolf. You were so kind and so loving; you were everything anyone would want in a dog. You loved everyone you came in contact with, including your brother and sister cats, who love and miss you, too. You were even friends with the chickens. You were big, and strong, and beautiful, and oh so gentle. You loved playing Frisbee, and running after a ball, and any toy with a squeaky noise. You were not the type of dog that barked and barked at anything and everything, but when you did, we knew it was our signal to see what was going on. You loved car rides, loved swimming and taking walks and just running around the yard, camping in the RV and spending time at our cabin watching the deer roam through the property, you just loved everything, and we loved you back more than words can say. Our lives were so much because of you. We miss you so very much (Johnny) Cash. Our hearts are so heavy and so broken, but we know our Willow girl is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge, so go, run like the wind and find her and know we will see you both again someday.

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